Quick Guide to Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ages old method which has been practiced by several physiotherapist and proved to be an evolution in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

Brief History:

According to a 1000 BC old written script considering the concept of Traditional Chinese method TCM, acupuncture was introduced and is applied in every single acupuncture clinic in Dubai these days. This traditional process suggests that if the body is given the right amount of stimulation with the help of needles it can force body to naturally start its recovery and healing process.

This process does not require any kind of medication or chemicals involved, in fact it is a simple process which uses needles for improvement of body and its structures working for the betterment of mankind.


This Chinese method believes that there are two types of forces which are running your mind and soul. Yin – the positive energy and Yang – the negative energy. Now because nature has balance to everything thus, maintaining a balance between Yin and Yang is also important. To achieve that balance an in depth study is done and the correct acupuncture points are determined which then later are stimulated through needles.

Why Acupuncture is recommended:

Physiotherapy JLT Dubai suggests acupuncture, because not only it balances your mind and body but it also helps in improving muscle strengthening, rehabilitation, and making exercise more effective achieving high results.

Is it science or something else?

Since centuries, acupuncture has been used by several physiotherapist who have done their background research with evidence. This is not labelled as science as its procedures and methods could not be proven with scientific knowledge but it is put in the category of pseudoscience.

How Acupuncture works?

Acupuncture produces natural pain through stimulating the brain and spinal cord which helps in better sleep and well being of a person through release of chemicals such as endorphins, melatonin and serotonin. These help in balancing the body clock and enhancing one’s ability to think carefully and stay in the state of peace and calmness.

Acupuncture is a physiotherapy method which has helped in curing long term illness and proven to be beneficial for some patients over the course of time. If you also believe that TCM can help you also then you should definitely contact your nearest acupuncture practitioner.