How to Choose the Best Rug?

Rugs are as important as the rest of the furniture. Health experts say that rugs are good for your feet and even mental health experts have said that keeping feet on rugs or walking on rugs will give you a comfortable feeling, reduce stress and even reduces high blood pressure. Rugs were in use by people for many ages, people used to sleep on these animal skin made rugs and used them as mattresses. Did you that the designer made rugs have been sold for more than 1.7 million dollars? Yes, you read that right, the Persian made rugs are sold the most expensive. The rugs in UAE have a very vintage design, so, they are sold for very higher price as well. A rug can change the tone of a home and even the entire space around the house, also it gives a very classy vintage look. 

If you are a person who loves to keep their house full of rugs and carpets but don’t know which one to choose from because there are a variety of rugs now. For selecting the right rug, you have to see the design and the space of the room. We have asked some of the best home designers to give tips on choosing the best rug for different rooms and most of them suggested about room first. According to them, a rug for room should be sophisticated or it also depends on your mood, if you are a romantic kind of a person, you should by a beautiful rug that is long strands of threads. 

The room rug can be put right near the bed, when you wake up and put your feet down. It can be near the dressing table, where you can stand on it while looking at the mirror. Or near the balcony, if you have or near the window. You can even sit on a rug near the window and enjoy a good sip of coffee or anything. Now, if you have bought a rug for room, let us now visit the living room. The rug of the living room should be a big piece because having small pieces of rug will look bad. You know, you can always buy modern rugs from Dubai and you can get good ideas of furniture design in Dubai.