Market your business even if your funds are low – Here’s how!  

Small scale businesses generally have a very limited budget, particularly when they start out. In such undesirable circumstances, coming up with an effective marketing plan is not easy. But now, thanks to the wonders of technology, marketing your products and services is no longer dependent upon the amount of money that you have. Marketing a business is now possible, even if you have little to no money. Here is how you can do so:

Emails are Very Effective Marketing Tools
With the passage of time, people are getting more focused towards having an email address even if they do not have a phone number. Businesses have taken benefit of this outlook and they now deem it necessary to reach out to their customers and target audience via email. Hence, you need to compile a list of email address of all your current, past and prospective clients as well as vendors. Every now and then, you can simply send out a well-crafted email to them related to your products and services. Stick to a timeline and formulate a steady marketing strategy for all these people and watch how they gain interest in your services!

Get Yourself a Business Card
It is always nice for an entrepreneur to have a sharp looking business card that can be given out to new acquaintances. Business cards generally have your name, title and contact information on them, but why should you waste the blank side of your card? You can add in the URL of your website so that customers can easily access it online whenever they want to check out your services!

Give Away Freebies
Yes, you must give away freebies even if doing so costs you a bit. Everyone loves free stuff and rest-assured that giving away free samples of your product has the potential to turn prospective clients into regular ones! For example, if you offer a product that is rather unique, you need to hand out free samples of it to prospective clients who are a bit hesitant about giving it a try. This would also stand out to prove your own confidence in the product, which is a major plus in the eyes of the customers.

Send Out a Thank You Note
Every week, you need to take out a bit of time and send out thank you notes to every single customer that sent referrals to you. This adds a bit of a personal touch to your business dealings, thereby making customers return to you. This unique surprise in the mailbox would leave a very positive image of your business and help you build a more positive connection.

Personalize Invoices
Invoices are regularly sent out to customers by all types of businesses, so why not personalize them a little bit and leave a good impression on your clients? For instance, you can add in a branded signature to all of your invoices to send out a thank you note for using your products. You can also present a bit of information about your field to the clients or if you truly wish to show how thankful you are to your clients, get your pen out and handwrite a thank you note. Make sure that you add in your name and signature to it!

Offer Discounts Online
The best thing to do in order to drive clients towards your business is to get in touch with them online and offer them incentives. For example, you can get them to visit your website and get a discount coupon for particular products and services. These incentives are best to entice prospective clients into trying your products, so make sure that you give it a try.