How to teach students these days

Every century is different from past century but this century has some twists. Every decade is way too different from other decade. In 2000s, there was the minimum use of internet but in 2010s there is the maximum use of internet which can even cause harm to this world if the speed would be exceeded to the current speed. Tags the reason why needs are changing at pace and that’s why now we need to make some changes on our classrooms. 

Everything of this world has been changed except our classrooms. They are still as they are in 1900s in which students were required to sit in rows and columns behind the teacher who use board and chalks to teach them by giving your long lecture to them on the studying topic. 

Now, try world does not need this hour long lectures and observational class where they have to use their eyes and ears only to learn something. This will make them lazy. There is need of some movement and practicality and technological elements to learn something or to understand something. There is need of discussions and two way learning process to make the class engaging and must-attend. 

Today you cannot afford to make a class lecture based. You need to turn a classroom into a platform where the children are groomed to learn and understand different things and live life successfully. The classroom should be a ground where students could practice their skills of management and communicative skills to make their living. 

A classroom should be like a home where students are free to discuss their problems and issues. They should be given enough room to practice the skills of greenhouse farming Dubai to turn their second home into Eden. It should be a room or platform where they can be themselves, where they are taught tolerance and gender equality and where they are not bullied and side -eyed like in schools of nowadays which you can see it here and there in your locality. 

Thus, a class should be an ideal place where students are not only taught a, b and c but they are also provided room where they could have discussions on social issues, where they could be make stronger and controllers of future who would control the p