5 Ways To Bag The Best Hotel Deals This Holiday Season

Hotel accommodations’ prices can skyrocket as the New Year’s Eve approach. With a lot of people trying to book a place to welcome 2019, some travelers might find themselves booking pricier accommodations.

If you are still looking for the best hotel deals in Fujairah‌ ‌ where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve, read on these tips and tricks and have yourself a Happy New Year in a posh hotel in price points that you can afford:

  • Go for downtown accommodations


Some people go for the nearest hotels and inns when they are booking their accommodations. Due to the location, these accommodations will cost tourists and travelers more. Some hotel prices are based on convenience. And since these accommodations are near important establishments, that could play a factor. Choosing a hotel downtown can give you a much lower price.


  • Go for standard rooms


We all dream of booking hotel rooms fit for a king. But these rooms can be pricey for some tourists and travelers. Moreover, most hotels do not usually offer deals for premium rooms and accommodations. If you are alone and working on a budget, it would be best to go for smaller rooms, especially during the Holidays.  You might get a better deal with this kind of room.


  • Go for other brand names


Branding comes with a prices, and same goes with hotels. The more popular they are, the pricier they offer. If you are looking for something cheaper, you need to look beyond the name and the brand. Look for lesser-known hotels that offers superior customer service and premium accommodations. Most of these hotels put a lesser rate and price on their rooms since they want to get as many people to know their brand first.


  • Go for online deals


Some people are quite wary of booking online since they think that hotel and their marketing affiliates put additional charges for processing. But there are honest deals being offered credible hotels to lure in more bookers and tourists. The key here is finding the right site to book.


  • Go for extended promos


Some travelers book their stay based on their travel period, mostly a day or two. But hotels offer deals for extended stays. They even offer a day for free. You may want to take advantage of that offer and extend your vacation.

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