Dance and entertainment – how it is done?

Have you ever seen a live dancing performance? It is possible that you have, and you would know how electrifying and thrilling it can be. In fact, the dance itself even without preparation can get people out of the seat. You must have seen it so many times with own eyes and would have fallen for the performance. But, have you ever given a thought on what actually makes these performances so enchanting? After all, such elaborate performances cannot happen without planning right? So, what was the backstage story behind that tremendously fascinating Arabic dance show in Dubai last night? Factually, it makes little sense to watch that for them as it has little to do with them. Think about it – why bother with something that you have no concern about? Still, if it still makes you wonder as to what it takes to present such astounding performance – here is how it goes:

A team effort

First of all, one must know that it is a combined team effort. The performance you see on the stage for a few minutes takes hours and hours of hard work. The whole team does it repeatedly over and over again to make sure that it goes as planned. The margin of error is still there, and it is possible that you might see a few errors occurring, but that’s normal. Also, the team will do all they can to present the best show, and the applause that follows is a testament to that.

The direction

The entire team presents items like belly dance, rhythm, solo, and many others. All these dances are the brainchild of the dance director. This person is the true magician who makes it all possible. However, she is not the person around, as others put their efforts to make things work. All in all, it is a combined effort and the dance director provides direction for steps, movements, and rhythm.


A very interesting aspect of every performance is the costume. You will notice the costumes without even thinking about what they may be wearing. That’s how it works when the audience is enthralled by a performance that grabs their hearts, they begin thinking about every aspect. The dance may be moving, but the costumes may also be touching their hearts. The costume designer does a great job in designing costumes according to the performance. Look at this to learn more about the basics of dance performances and what it takes to bring the audience the best performances.